“Superficiology is a complex, time-extended project, culminating in a mini science-fiction novel – a fragmented narration based on a transcription of experiences in materiality and forms of modernism, art, visual culture and culture industry into a language of literature. It tells the story of a world of realised utopia, entirely shrouded in beautiful weather, equality, transparency and a melancholy happiness… What is the challenge Dziadkiewicz presents to literature? And what – through literature – does he want to achieve?”

Discussion: Roman Dziadkiewicz and Ewa Majewska. Moderated by: Anna Kałuża.

Pałac Czeczotki (róg Wiślnej i Anny)
Środa 26.10.2016 g. 13.00

Excerpts from the book (with electric and electronic support) read by: Marcel Borowiec.

The launch of the English edition of Superficiology (F.A.I.T 2016), in translation by Piotr Mierzwa, is a part of the event.