Detour Institution


Detour Institution is a long-term project organised as touring expert meetings, directed at art practitioners responsible for the development of art institutions in the Eastern Partnership countries and Poland. Research context will be provided by galleries of contemporary art in Poland, especially those situated outside cultural centres and conducting research in the area of post-communist basis and local contexts. The project is a response to the global changes in the cultural sphere that favour the search for alternative forms of activity and self-organisation. Art spaces in Poland will become study cases for workshops comparing the existing strategies and developing potential ones, models of transformations or ways of adapting to political, social or economic changes. Sharing experience among art professionals working in all participating countries on similar but nevertheless locally variant bases will become a platform for the exchange of knowledge and mutual inspiration.
Project by: Anna Smolak

Project by: Anna Smolak

Project organised by:

Contemporary Art Gallery BWA SOKÓŁ, Nowy Sącz

in collaboration with

Project Partners:

BWA Tarnów

Gdańsk City Gallery

Contemporary Art Gallery Bunkier Sztuki