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15 stycznia, 2024 it is the leading Polish information portal with absorbing and always interesting information about art and culture. The content is always up-to-date and interestingly presented.

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Art lovers can find the latest information about artistic events in the world of contemporary art and culture. Art and life are the two most important aspects that shape our world. Our website is mainly devoted to wall painting, creating art, inspiring, seeing works of art in museums or exhibitions and reviews of interesting cultural events.

Art, life and creativity

With us you can get to know the most interesting art in the world, from all over the world. Take this opportunity to become a part of the world of contemporary art thanks to our exhibitions and news from the world of contemporary art from around the world. The world of contemporary art has passed through its golden age and we must seize this moment to discover new artistic movements, expressions, trends and ideas. We allow you to browse an extensive database of artists, exhibitions and events in Poland and beyond.